Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Perfect Picture Mat

Here is just a quick little post about how I made the perfect picture mat for a pair of pictures in Sweetie Pie's room.  Her room is painted in a light pink.  I have accents of white and light wood (except for her bed which bugs me because it doesn't match).

I spray painted some frames white and wanted to frame the pictures in a pink mat.  Instead of buying a pink mat (which would have bugged me because it wouldn't have matched perfectly with her room anyway), I decided to DIY my own.  

 All I did was paint a mat I  had, I think it was originally white or off white.  I painted it the same color as her room using a foam brush.  The inside of the mat was a gold color and I didn't like that so I just cut some white cardstock and taped it over it.  Quick and easy and it matches her room perfectly.

 I also made the perfect picture mat for The Babe's room too.  Her's doesn't match the walls, it matches her bedding and curtains.  I'll have to take some pictures of that later when she's not napping and share what I did.

Update on the Babe's picture mats found HERE

Anyone else like to coordinate and match things as much as I do? 
Oh, and speaking of matching, here are the kids in their matching Easter outfits that I made HERE.

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