Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Displaying Kid's Creations

Every year in school the kids make some sort of ceramic art.  And then there are camps and other activities where they make something 3 dimentional.  Of course they want it displayed, and one or two things on their dresser is fine, but over time these things add up.  So the other day I added some cube type shelves to the Spencinator's room so he could display his creations.
Here is his room before, before it was cleaned and before I hung the cube shelves.
I thought that space to the left of the dresser and right under the 'moon' needed a little something more so that's where I decided to put the shelves.
First I laid them out on the floor to find the configuration I liked.

Then I used a tip I got from  Bonnie over at House of Grace.
I put some painters tape over the back of the shelf where the holes for the nails are.  Using a pencil, I poked holes through the tape to mark the exact spot where the nails should go.   Then I took the painters tape off the shelf and stuck it on the wall.  I repositioned the tape to make sure it was straight using a level.  Then I drilled into the wall where the holes were, put in my drywall anchors then the screws.  I removed the tape and hung up the shelf.
 Once the two shelves were in place, I positioned the tape for the third shelf.

All three shelves are hung nice and level.
 Now it's time to add some art.
 Looks like the Spencinator needs to create a tall scupture to fit in the empty spot on the lower right shelf.

Anyone else have some tips for making sure shelves or pictures hang level?

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