Thursday, May 31, 2012

Teeth and Ties

So I had a dentist appointment yesterday, just a routine cleaning, but totally forgot to find a sitter for the Babes.  I didn't feel like calling anyone last minute so I decided to brave it and take her along.  I had a bag full of stuff to keep her occupied:  her favorite blanket, some animal crackers, a sippy cup of juice, some books, small toys and even a few electronic devices in case things got bad.  Don't tell the Spencinator, but we borrowed his Nintendo DSi.   I had her strapped in the stroller and ready to go when we were called back into the room.  The dental hygienist was a nice lady and politely said 'hi' to the Babes.  Well, that did it.  She burst into tears (which she has been known to do when strangers say 'hi') and only wanted me.  

This was not a bad thing.  She spent the entire 50 minute cleaning laying down on my legs with her favorite blanket, while I laid back in the chair and had my teeth cleaned.  She was very still and quiet, but also quite interested in what was going on.  I could feel her head move from side to side to checking things out.   I'd venture to say that dental visit was a success for her and me.  

I was feeling pretty good about the Babes' behavior and thought I'd head over to the mall since I was already out and about.  One of the stores was having a tent sale so I checked it out.  They had some good bargains like some Clarks brand shoes for $9.99 (too bad they weren't in my size) and some Foster Grant sunglasses for kids for $0.99 which I did get.  I picked up a few other things too then headed into the store.  While shopping in the Men's Department for a Father's Day gift for the hubby, I overheard an older gentleman talking to the sales clerk.  He stated how he just bought a self constricting tie and now couldn't get it off.  I glanced around to see what he was talking about and could see him lifting up his tee shirt to show her the tie underneath.  I guess he was concealing the problem under the tee shirt?  I'm not sure what a self constricting tie is, I googled it and couldn't find anything.  My guess is that it may have been one of those zipper ties, the kind you don't have to actually tie, just zip up to make it look like it was really tied.

I didn't stay around to see what happened but I'd guess he got his tie off, one way or another.