Monday, May 7, 2012

Flipping and Falling

I took a break from weeding and mulching my flower beds to take care of Sweetie Pie.

While the Spencinator does this:

Sweetie Pie isn't nearly as daring. She doesn't attempt anything that acrobatic. She was just standing and walking on the bean bag when she fell off and this happened:

She had to take a couple of days off school to go to her doctor appointments and to heal.  She goes back to school on Monday so I'll go back to my flower bed project.

Of course she got a pink cast, pink is her favorite color.  But we didn't stop there.  We painted her nails to match:

And made a silky cover out of princess fabric for the sling strap so it wouldn't irritate her neck:
Notice how the sling strap cover matches her skirt.  It's the same skirt I made HERE, and the Babes has a matching one too.