Friday, May 4, 2012

Inspiration For The Weekend - 17 (Mother's Day Decor/Crafts)

Last week's Inspiration For The Weekend was crafts and cards that little ones can make for their Moms.  Today I'm featuring some decor and crafts that older kids and adults can make for their Moms.

Does your Mom like to garden?  If so, I bet she'd love this gift basket of seeds.  DaNita from Delightful Order came up with this cute idea.  I love the seed packet holders, they read "a mother plants seeds of LOVE, HOPE, JOY!"

These MOM blocks are cute.  Lorraine from Extreme Domestication just mod podged some photos onto wood blocks to create this beautiful and easy gift. 

Mom's love photos of their kids and Grandmom's love photos of their grandkids.  So making a gift using photos of your kids is a great idea.  Kim from The Inadvertent Farmer made this photo project.

Printables make a quick and easy gift.  Just print and place in a frame.  I'm wondering if you could change the colors to match your Mom's decor.  Or paint the frame the same bold color as that of the letters. 

Check out these printable from Holday Snobs  

I've seen a couple of other great ideas on Pinterest.  Here are the links in case you'd like to check them out. 
As for what I'm making for my Mom and Mother in law.  Well, that'll be a secret for now since my Mom reads my blog (hi Mom!).  But I will say that she doesn't use Pinterest so if you check out the links, you'll see one of them that I'm using as my inspiration.