Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

As I mentioned in this post, I used something I saw on Pinterest as the inspiration for making my Mother's Day gifts.

Here is the quote I saw on Pinterest:

I think this was done on a cabinet door.  A bit big and bold for my taste and that of my mom and mother in law.  I wanted to do something smaller and classier.
So here's what I did with the quote:

 I started with a 6 x 6 inch tile
 and some vinyl
 Just put the vinyl on the tile and set it on a little easel to display.
It was a quick and easy craft to make and such a hit with the Moms.  They loved it and couldn't believe I had made it.  They thought it was store bought.  That's a real compliment there, when someone thinks your hand made craft looks so good they could've bought it at the store. 

They make cute gifts not only for Mother's Day, but for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion.

So what did you give or receive for Mother's Day?  Any other crafty ideas out there to share?

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