Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Patio Flower Beds - update

I planted some hostas so now the patio flower beds are looking a little less bare.

Here's a before:
 And a bunch of after shots:

 Planted more hostas in the side flower bed too.

 Noticed a drainage problem that I'll have to fix.  I didn't put enough rocks down where the water comes out of the drain pipe and the mulch ended up blocking a vent pipe.  Don't ask me why we have a vent in the ground?

Here it is after I added some more rocks.  I used some decorative light blue rocks that I picked up from a free box at a yard sale.  We had some heavy rains the other day and no mulch reached the drain so I am happy to say this problem has been fixed.  I might add more rocks just to make it look nicer and have rocks go all the way from the pipe to the drain, but that will be later. 

The flower beds are slowing coming along.  I'll show you more tomorrow!