Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pictures of Kids' Shadows

In an earlier post about Father's Day ideas, I mentioned this one by 'twogirlzstuff':


I thought I'd try to recreate it as a Father's Day gift for my husband.  I wasn't quite sure how she got the letters cut out or what type of paper she used so I worked with what I had and made it as easy as possible.

I didn't have large poster board which is probably what was used in the photo above since it would be stiff.  And I didn't feel like getting the exacto knife out and cutting through cardboard, so I used 12 x 12 cardstock.  I also substituted "U" for "daddy" just to make it fit better in the cardstock and make the cutting easier. 

I took the kids outside on a sunny day and was thrilled to get all three kids cooperating and thought my picture had turned out great.
 That was until I realized it was upside down.  I tried flipping it in Photoshop but then the "We" and "U" were in the wrong spots.  So we did a re-take on the following day.

 This time the wind was not cooperating, and the kids weren't either.  After two takes, this is what I had to work with.

So I once again turned to Photoshop and took the heart from the best picture of day 1 -cut it, flipped it and pasted it into the best picture from day 2.  The "U" still wasn't right so I just Photoshopped that by adding a little more to the inside of it so it looks more like a "U".
Not too bad.  Can you even tell it was Photoshopped?

I saw some cute pictures of kids' feet such as this one found  HERE

and thought that I'd try to recreate that look too, so I took pictures of the kids feet.
 Make sure the kids feet are clean if you do this.
  The Babes was pretty interested in her feet so it took a few tries till I got a good shot.
And even that wasn't the greatest.

Maybe a picture of the kids' hands would turn out better
 I feel like shouting "Gooooooooo TEAM!"  What do you think?

Here are a couple more from the first day of photos.  I thought I'd try to get shadows of all three kids holding hands, but the Spencinator wasn't cooperating.  I still think it looks cute with just the two girls.

On the second day of pics, I once again tried to get all three kids to hold hands for another picture like the ones above but no one was interested.  Here the Babes is so done with all this picture taking, she just walks away.

Anyone else try their hand at taking some cute pictures of their kids for a Father's Day gift?
How did it turn out?