Monday, July 2, 2012

Popsicle Stick Puzzles

If you remember from Friday's Inspiration For The Weekend post, I mentioned I had a popsicle stick project in the works.  Well, I'm here today to show you the popsicle stick puzzles I made.

I saw this idea several months ago (which is why it's Halloween themed)
Dana from MADE came up with these Halloween puzzles made from craft sticks as a holiday craft for her daughter's class.  Click HERE to find out how she did it.

And Cheri from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar made superhero puzzles for her two boys.  You can click HERE to see what she did.

They looked easy enough to make, so I decided to make some for my kids.

I spray painted my craft sticks.  I used 6 large craft sticks per puzzle and decided to do 3 sets (for now).  I just used some colors I had laying around.  I spray painted both sides (except one set I left a side au natural).  That way the puzzles would be color coded so I'd know which pieces belonged to which puzzle and could store them all in one bag.

Once the spray paint dried, I taped the edges to hold the sticks in place and with a permanent marker I drew my design.
I decided to do simple designs and list the name of the object on the sticks as well.
I let things set up and dry a couple of days before giving them to the kids to play with.

This would be a great quiet activity for church, or road trips, or waiting at the doctor's office.  You could personalize it with pictures that your kids like, such as superhero symbols like Cheri did above.  You could do holiday themed ones, or even glue a picture to the sticks if you want something more life like or detailed or if you just don't feel like drawing your own.

Another idea I've seen is this one HERE to the left.
You put velcro on the ends so the kids can form letters.
This would be great for kids learning to identify and write letters.   Although I'm sure the older kids would like to play with them too.   It could be fun to spell their vocabulary words using these.  Hmmmm, maybe I should make them before school starts.

Anyone else make something with popsicle sticks lately?
My mom got a great deal on several hundred craft sticks and smaller popsicle sticks at a garage sale, so I'm looking for ideas of what to do with them and would love to hear your suggestions

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