Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Time Fun with Ice Eggs

I've gotten some fun summer time ideas off Pinterest.  We tried this one on Friday - Ice Eggs.
The original idea came from HERE.

First I put a small toy inside the balloon, then filled the balloon with water from my kitchen sink and tied it. 
 I used a plastic princess ring for Sweetie Pie and a rubber lizard for the Spencinator.  The ring floated to the top and the lizard sunk to the bottom.
Then, I put them in the freezer and froze them overnight.  To prevent any mess, you might want to put the balloons in a plastic container in the freezer just in case they pop.   The next day I took off the balloon by cutting it to create a hole then peeled it off the ice.
 I let the kids take them outside to try to crack them open.

At first they used some butter knives and spoons but that didn't work so well.
 We tried pouring some warm water over the eggs, but ultimately the kids liked dropping them and pounding them onto the patio to get them to crack open.

Sweetie Pie noticed a rainbow inside her chunk of ice.

The rubber lizard made it out OK, but the plastic ring broke with all the pounding.  I think next time we will try smaller balloons and rubber toys instead of plastic.  The kids had fun anyway.

What fun summer time activities do you have planned to keep your kids busy?

We're going to be participating in some local activities such as the library's summer activities, camps as well as doing some crafts at home.

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