Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adding More Pink to a Pink Room

I've been working in Sweetie Pie's room for a while and it's almost done.

I'm still adding some of that bright pink into her room to tie things all together.

I found these pillow cases on sale and thought they'd match Sweetie Pie's room perfectly.

I like how they match the pictures hung with the pink ribbon and bows (as mentioned in THIS post)

And the pillows look great with her new reading chair and ottoman that I mentioned in THIS post.

Here room is really coming together.  All I have left to do is conquer the desk area.  I wrote about what I'd like to do in THIS post, but since then have gotten distracted in all the other areas of her room.

I can't just work on one room at a time.  I've also be rearranging things in the Spencinator's room.   There will be more about that next week.