Thursday, September 20, 2012

A New Look For An Old Platter

I picked up this silver-ish (it's not real silver) platter at a yard sale.  It was in a free bin and I thought I could do something with it.

The first thing I did (after giving it a good cleaning) was to removing the grape handles.  I liked how they looked and wanted to keep some silver color on the tray so it would match the stainless steel appliances and the decorative silver tiles we have in our kitchen.

Then I used Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze to spray paint both sides of the platter.

Here it is with the grape handles back on.
I love the way it looks, but wasn't sure what else to do with it.  

I saw this on Pinterest a while back and thought I could incorporate that onto the platter.

I used Word to print out a large outline of the letter R with our last name on the left side of it.

Using scissors I cut out the letter R and taped it onto the platter.  I used tape so it would be easily removed if I didn't like it.  Once I decide I like it, I'll put a coat of modge podge over it.

We have this wine rack, or what used to be a wine rack in our kitchen.  Since we don't drink, we removed the rack and have used it as storage for larger serving dishes.  I moved a few things around in the kitchen and put my serving dishes a cabinet (sorry forgot to take a before shot), and now this nook is more decorative.

Here's what that space looked like before we moved in:

And here's what it looks like now.  

Here the before and after for you:

And to think, someone was just going to throw that old platter away.
Anyone else give new life to something old?