Monday, September 17, 2012

The Babes Is 2

The Babes turned 2 on Saturday!  

I had grand plans for a party with some of her little friends but never put it together much less invited anyone.  I got busy with other things and figuring she is only 2, she wouldn't remember anyway.  Some of those other things included planning for 2 other parties, helping someone move, and getting ready for a yard sale.  So, I guess I'll have to make up for it next year.  She loves dogs so I was going to do a dog themed party with dog games, party favors and "pup-cakes".  If anyone is thinking of doing a dog themed party, there are some cute ideas for games HERE.  

She also loves the color blue.  I took her love of dogs and blue into consideration when I made her a cake.  I checked out a Blues Clues Wilton cake pan from our local library.   I found out last year that our library has Wilton cake pans you can check out.  They have tons of them.  I've used several different ones and the kids love it.   

I sprayed the pan real good so the cake wouldn't stick to the pan.  Didn't seem to help as Blue's face didn't want to release form the pan.

Using a spatula I got the face out and plopped it onto the rest of the cake.  Can you even tell it's a dog?

I made a carrot cake and dyed the cream cheese icing a light blue color.

Hmmm, now to get it to look like the picture.  I am by no means a cake decorating expert but several times a year I make and decorate a birthday cake.  Each year it's a flop in my opinion, but the kids still love it.  I don't have the special cake decorating supplies so I just use a butter knife to spread on the icing.  I bought some squeezable blue icing to add the details.

Not too bad, right?  Hey, it's better than what I thought it would look like.

Side by side comparison:
Stop laughing, at least it tasted good.

See, the Babes liked it:

Anyone else has success with those Wilton cake pans?
Did you know you could borrow them from the library?

Two parties down, only one more to go for this month, and it's another big one!