Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A New Bench (almost)

I mentioned about getting rid of a toy bench in THIS post.  I've been in a de-cluttering / clearning out mood.   We've had some things we just don't use and are taking up space.  Even if it is in the basement and not bothering us, I have just decided to get rid of stuff.  Our ottoman that wasn't working out, our old Christmas tree, a dining table and chairs we don't use, and an old toy bench.

Anyway, someone was supposed to pick up the toy bench (I listed it on craigslist), so we (or rather my husband) moved it from the basement to the foyer.  He also cleaned it since it was dusty and a bit dirty.  It was looking nice, I started to have second thoughts about getting rid of it.  The people never showed up so I moved it into the dining room rather than back downstairs hoping it would be sold soon.  Well, it turns out that I like it in the dining room.  But the bench is old and beat up and needs some repairs.  Knowing me, my husband said that I didn't need another project, so if I wanted a new bench, just to buy one.  I saw one in the BJ's flier the other day and was going to get that.
from BJ's

Seemed like a good price at $120.  I also searched craigslist but didn't find anything, except something very similar for $175.  Since it was used and for more money than the BJ's one, I was thinking of getting it from BJ's.

Then I looked online and found what seemed like the same bench being sold at various stores under different brands and for different prices.
from Sears

from Target

I choose the one from Home Depot since it was the cheapest and even had free shipping so I didn't have to drive to the store.  Plus if I didn't like it, it would be easy to return.
from Home Depot

Well, this post was supposed to be about how great my new bench is, how well it matches the mission style dining room set, and how much room it has inside to store all our games.  But..... it came damaged.  After trying to put it together, I realized the seat part was not made correctly and caused things not to line up.  So I called Home Depot (and spoke to Ayla who was so nice and friendly).  The new seat is ordered and they will be mailing it out.  Yeah for great customer service!  The only problem is, it will take about 2 weeks.   So I have to box up the bench and just wait.   Until then, I'm sure I can keep myself busy with rearranging furniture and getting rid of more stuff.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes I did sell the old toy bench.  I actually sold the old one before the new one arrived.

(update on the bench, that eventually was returned, can be found HERE)

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