Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Ottoman is Otto-here

I've been in a clearing out and de-cluttering mood.  Ever since I had a couple of yard sales back in September, I've been looking for things to get rid of.  One thing that has been bothering me was the ottoman in our living room.  It was something I had picked up for free at a yard sale two years ago and recovered it so it looked like this:

You can see I had even made some matching pillows.

Of course it didn't start out that lovely.  When I first got it, it looked like this:

The fabric was worn and stained and did not match my decor anyway.  Although I did think it would be fun in a playroom.

The only thing I'd ever recovered were chairs, and it was just the seat cushions.  So recovering an ottoman was a bit tricker.  And I never did get the corners right so that always bothered me.  Couple that with the fact that the Spencinator (and now the Babes) would use it as a trampoline, causing me to yell ask them to get off of it almost daily, and I had good cause to want to get rid of it.

Since I had gotten it for free, I just thought I'd throw it away but was unsure if the trash men would take it, with it being so big.  So I put an ad for it on craigslist.  I got an email for it right away and by the next morning it was gone.  I guess I could have tried to get a couple of bucks for it but I just wanted it gone so I gave it away for free.  The main reason I didn't try to sell it was because I had taken the fabric off.  I liked the fabric and might use it on another project.

So now the living room looks so much more open, and the rug is looking too small.  I'm not sure I'll leave it that way but for now it's OK.

Anyone else in a clearing out, fall cleaning, de-cluttering, making room for Christmas gifts kind of mood?
What are you getting rid of?

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