Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY Christmas Decorations

One of my crafty friends took a pair of shutters that were going to be thrown out and DIY-ed them into an outside Christmas decoration (although I'm sure this would work inside too, maybe flanking a fireplace).

I love the red poinsettias next to the green shutters.  It's so festive looking, and large.  It's great you can see these from the road.

And she DIY-ed that wreath on her door too.
So cute.  You did a great job Rebecca!  I just had to share your crafty creations since I don't really have any of my own to share.

I  haven't gotten that ambitious with my Christmas decorations.  Maybe next year when I don't have a toddler running around making messes for me to clean up.

Seriously, check out what the Babes did while she was supposed to be napping:
And that's not even her room.  She escaped and got into her sister's markers.

And speaking of her sister, Sweetie Pie got a little crafty and made her own Christmas hair bow to wear to school the other day.
She just took a gift bow and taped it onto a hair barrette (the kind that just snap open and closed).  She said it stayed in all day.  How cute is that:
And here she is being even craftier and painting some Christmas ornaments.

What Christmas crafts do your kids like to do?
Have you gotten crafty and made any Christmas decorations?
Feel free to link up pictures in the comments.

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