Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Clearance = Year Round Bargains

I love shopping the clearance section.  I can't help it, I'm a bargain hunter.  Even if I have the money to buy something at full price, I'd rather wait till it goes on sale.  There's just some kind of satisfaction that comes from saving money.

Did you know that by shopping the after Christmas sales, you can save money year round, and not just on next year's Christmas gifts and decor?


When you shop the sales, think ahead.  Think about more than just next year's Christmas gifts.  Think Valentine's day, Easter, birthdays, mother's day, father's day, teacher gifts...  you get the idea.  You'll find that many gifts and stocking stuffers aren't holiday themed and can be given year round.

A lot of Christmas gifts and decor can be used year round.  Red wrapping paper, paper products, and  baskets are great for birthdays, 4th of July and just around the house, especially if you have red as an accent color in your home.  While it's great to stock up on these items for next year's Christmas party, you can also use them throughout the year.

So what did I get during my post Christmas shopping sprees?

I went out shopping on two separate occasions and shopped the Christmas clearance sales at Target and Michaels.  Target had their Christmas stuff at 50% off, except for the $1 section at the front of the store, that was 70% off.

I got this huge coloring book for the Babes for only  .30 cents.  It isn't even Christmas themed or winter themed, it could be an Easter gift or birthday gift or something to give her just because.  I also got a monogrammed mug that isn't holiday themed either.

That little red package in the bottom left corner of the picture above is some Angry Birds thing.  Not sure what they are but the Spencinator likes Angry Birds so I thought they'd make a cute gift for him.  He might find them in his Easter basket.

I got wrapping paper at Target and Michaels, both on clearance and it doesn't even look Christmas-y.  Red with peace signs and hearts - Sweetie Pie will love that.  I'm already thinking of wrapping up her Valentine's gift in it.  And blue for the Spencinator.  That could be used for any holiday or birthday.

I wasn't even planning to go to Michaels, I was actually headed to Hobby Lobby to check out their frames, I decided to stop by Michaels since it was on the way.   I'm glad I stopped in.  I not only found a frame and mat, but I scored some great after Christmas deals.

Michaels had their Christmas stuff at 70 to 80% off.  I got a 2013 calendar for Sweetie Pie (she didn't get one for Christmas and loves to have a calendar in her room.)  This is one you color and it only cost .60 cents.  I got a slap bracelet for the Babes since she loves the big kids' slap watches, this was also .60 cents.  For .30 cents I got a Wooly Willy Nutcracker magnetic doodle pad.  For .25 cents each I got a charm necklace for  Sweetie Pie, a red note pad, several packages of photo Christmas cards and some Santa's wish lists for the kids.    The calendar I gave to Sweetie Pie already and the necklace and slap bracelet I'll save for Valentine's day.  The rest will be for next Christmas.

 I also got a leather book that opens up to reveal some hidden storage.  It was only $3.99.  We were actually thinking of getting the Spencinator this Spy Gear safe or of making something like this for him for Christmas but never got around to it.   I guess our procrastination paid off.

I also couldn't resist getting this huge cardboard hideout.  It was also $3.99.  It will be fun for the kids to color during a too hot to go outside summer day, or a rainy day or some other non school day.

Every Christmas Eve we go to my Aunt's house and two Christmas's ago she had one of these forts. Everyone had fun coloring it.  
The kids did get a bit wild with it, but that's par for the course with half a dozen boys around.   Oh and some of the adults had fun with it too.  That's my 40-something year old cousin crawling out the front door.  
It's no wonder the whole thing came crashing down after about an hour of coloring and playing.
I'm hoping things will be less wild with the fort I bought and that it will last longer than an hour.

Anyone else hit up the after Christmas sales?  What bargains did you score?

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