Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blanket Storage

I love to snuggle up under a nice warm blanket in the wintertime.  Or anytime for that matter.  I've been known to use a blanket in the summertime because I find the air conditioning a bit chilly.

My favorite blankets are fleece because they are so soft and warm.
For Christmas the Babes and the Spencinator each got a no sew fleece blanket.

They are two layers of fleece fringed on all sides and tied together.  So very, very warm.

I knew they were getting these and didn't want Sweetie Pie to feel left out, so I had Santa bring her a no sew fleece blanket kit so she could make her own blanket.  We made it together with her cutting and tying one side, in the time it took me to do the other 3.  It was fun to work on it together and she loves it.

Currently we have several blankets just thrown into a basket by the fireplace.  I've seen pictures (on Pinterest) where this looks cute, but they only have 1 or 2 blankets stored in the basket.  I have about 5 blankets so my basket is overflowing and it looks messy since they don't all fit nicely in there.  As you can see, I have my own no sew fleece blanket.  I've had it for years and it's not as soft or thick as the new ones the kids have.  I may have to upgrade it soon.

I saw a blanket ladder on, where else, Pinterest, and am thinking this idea could work to display all my blankets.  What do you think?

I wonder if the kids would try to climb it?

How do you store your extra blankets?

Anyone use a blanket ladder in their house?  I'd love to see pictures of it.  Does it just lean against the wall or do you have to secure it somehow?

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