Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas recap

The hubs is back at work and the older kids are back to school so I'm back to blogging.
It was nice to take a break and enjoy more family time.  Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year's.
Here's a recap of what our Christmas was like.  We actually have "Christmas" at our house on Christmas Eve since we aren't home for Christmas Day.  I tell the kids we have a special deal with Santa.  They haven't questioned it so far, and although the Spencinator has never believed in Santa, he keeps his mouth shut about it for the most part.
So here are the kids opening their stockings on Christmas Eve morning.  I just love how the Spencinator is helping the Babes with hers.  Those two have such a bond and it's been that way ever since the Babes was born.  My heart just melts for moments like these.

I purchased these slap watches on impulse and they were a big hit.  The kids kept telling us what time it was every.five.minutes.  What a fun way to learn to tell time.  They are so good at it now.

The Spencinator only requested Lego and Spy Gear stuff, so he loved these Spy Glasses.  You really can see behind you.

The Babes loves dogs.  In fact, most days she acts like a dog by crawling on the floor and panting.  So this Hug and Heal Pet was the perfect gift for her.  She also likes to brush her teeth and play with her sister's Baby Alive doll, so she got one of her own.  It's the Baby Alive New Teeth Doll, and while I thought she'd enjoy brushing the doll's teeth, she prefers to use the dolls toothbrush on her own teeth.

The Babes sat on the step with her two favorite presents and tried to pose for a picture.  This was the best I could get before her siblings interrupted.

Christmas Eve we go to my Aunt's house.  Everyone on my Dad's side of the family gathers there and it's fun for my kids to play with my cousin's kids.  It's basically a dozen 10-14 year old boys plus my two girls.  Christmas Eve night we spend at my parent's and then the kids wake up to another visit from Santa.  This year Sweetie Pie finally got what she has been hoping for... an American Girl doll.  Grandma got the one that is supposed to look like her.  Of course she loves it.  I overheard her telling her friend that she was "astonished" when she unwrapped the present.   Way to go grandma!

The girls also got cute hats and boots.  The Babes loved trying everything on and playing with everything.  She played so much we had to help her open the rest of her presents since she was too busy playing with what she had already opened.  It was all so much fun.  I'll have to share about some of my presents in another post.

Christmas night we went to the Washington DC LDS Temple and Visitor's Center to see the display of Christmas lights 

and the display of International Nativity Scenes.

Our Christmas was wonderful:  Being with family, having fun, feeling blessed, and feeling our Savior's love.

What did you do during Christmas break?
What Christmas gifts were bit hits with the kids?

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