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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Folded vs. Rolling your Towels

There have been a lot of organizing posts about rolling your towels instead of folding them.  They claim that rolling your towels saves you space, not to mention that it looks prettier.

Well, I thought I'd try it out for myself.

Here is my kitchen towel drawer with my dish towels and rags all folded into quarters.  It's a mess.  There seems to be too many in there and sometimes it gets hard to close.

And here is the same drawer with the dish towels rolled.  Yes, the same amount of stuff is in that drawer, I didn't remove anything.  You can actually see that I have scissors and place mats stored in there too.

You can definitely tell there is more room, plus it looks neater.

So if you are short on room, or want to display your towels prettily, rolling seems like the way to go.
Rolling does take a little more time though.  I automatically fold everything that comes out of the dryer, towels included.  So then when I put them into the drawer, I roll/fold the already folded towels so they stack nice and neat in the drawer.  Kind of like how I fold my daughter's clothes into quarters. 

Here's a simple tutorial of how I fold my dish rags, just in case it's not self explanatory.

1.  Start with your dish rag completely unfolded.
 2.  Fold in half

3.  Fold in half again.  This was how I used to store my dish towels and rags.

4.  As I put the wash cloth into the drawer, I fold it in half again so it stacks neatly in the drawer.  I don't fold it this small as I'm taking them out of the laundry because they don't stay folded.

And here's how I do the dish towels:

1.  Start with an unfolded dish towel.
 2.  Fold in half
 3.  Fold in half again
4.  Fold one more time.
5.  Then add the final fold as you are putting them in the drawer.  They look rolled but are just folded into eighths.

So do you roll or fold your dish towels so they stack neatly?

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