Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift and Activity Ideas

So I was going to have this post ready for February 1st but didn't have the time.  I was too busy using Shutterfly to create a photo book for 2011.  Yeah, I know we just ended 2012, I'm a little behind.  Anyway, I had a coupon that was going to expire on midnight Jan 31st.  I had been wanting to make a yearly digital scrapbook for a while but felt overwhelmed at a years worth of pictures to go through.  Getting this coupon plus Shutterfly was having a 30% off sale, got me to finally tackle it.  And I am happy to report that my order was submitted at 11:20pm, so I'm not counting that as rushing things.  I mean, come on, I had 40 minutes to spare.

So now I can't wait to get my photo book in the mail.  I plan to do all my scrapbooking digitally from 2011 and forward.  And I think I'll try to work on it a little at a time so I don't have to spend 6 hours in one day and 3 hours a previous day getting it done.  Still 9 hours to scrapbook a year's worth of photos isn't bad, is it?  I didn't do any embellishments in my book, just photos and captions.  I'll be sure to share details about it when it finally arrives.

Anyway back to my Valentine's themed post.

There are only 10 more days till Valentine's Day.

Any good Valentine gift ideas out there?   What to get the husband who has everything?  OK, not everything, he still doesn't have that Porsche, but I'm not getting him that.   I just want to get him something small but meaningful.  I thought of getting him The Lumineers CD, but he's already downloaded their songs onto our computer, like I mentioned in this post.  So now what?

I'm planning to do another "Trails of Love" activity for Valentine's Day like we did last year.
Check out this post for all the details.   The Babes is old enough to get in on the action this time so that should add to the fun.  I'm not sure I'll do a paper trail since that can be a mess to clean up.  I might use yarn instead, a different color for each person.   And since I did some after Christmas clearance shopping, I already have gifts for the kids.  Still need to get my husband something.  I'm hoping you guys can help me out with some good ideas.

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family?
If you are looking for something new, you can check out these ideas here and here.

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