Monday, February 11, 2013

Hanging Towels

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  While we didn't finish up any projects, we were able to start to finish up a few more projects.   And last week I finally fixed something that had been bugging me.  And by fixed, I mean I just found a solution to cover it up.

About a year ago, I stuck Command hooks on the closet door in the kid's bathroom so they'd have a place to hang their towels.  You can read about that by clicking HERE.  It worked well until about a month or two ago, when the Spencinator says he bumped into his hook and it fell off the door, taking the paint with it.

I didn't want to stick up another Command hook only to have him accidentally bump into that one too.   Plus he's getting tall, hes only 10 and already 5 foot.  I figured he could reach an over the door towel hook, so thats just what I bought.  I was worried about the hooks hitting the bathroom door since the closet door is right behind the bathroom door, so I got the slimmest over the door hooks I could find.

But when I put it up, I didn't like it.  I should have remembered that the silver clashes with the gold door hinges.  And upon further inspection, there is plenty of room between the doors so I don't need to worry about getting a slim over the door hook.

The next week, I went back to the store, returned the silver hooks and came home with white ones.  I like them much better, they sort of just blend right into the door. 

So now with a little stretching, the Spencinator can hang up his towel.  It conveniently covers up the spot where the paint came off.  That way I can postpone painting the entire door. 

Anyone else getting the little things crossed off their 'to do' list?

Thanks for stopping by,