Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day Cards and Sayings

Just two more days till Valentine's Day.  My older kids are in 2nd and 4th grade and they are having class parties where they will be giving out Valentine's Day cards.  I always like seeing the cute and creative valentines the kids bring home.  I'm sure the parents get their ideas from Pinterest.  There are hundreds of cute DIY valentine card ideas out there.

If you need some ideas to make your own Valentine's Day cards I've compiled a list below, just click on the links to be taken directly to the source.

click here for 50 great ideas

click here for 12 no candy ideas

click here for hundreds more ideas and printables

more DIY valentine ideas found here

inexpensive valentine ideas found here
A few more ideas:
29 clever valentines
50 cute valentine sayings

What cute handmade valentines have your kids sent out?
Each year I think I'm going to do something cute, and each year we just send out store bought valentines.  Sometimes it's just simpler that way.

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