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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blue + Yellow = Green Science Experiment

We finally had some warm spring like weather and the Babes loved playing outside.  
In fact I had a hard time getting her back in the house for a nap and for dinner.

If it's not nice enough to play outside, here's a fun activity you could do on a rainy day.
I think it is geared toward younger kids, but my 8 and 10 yr old liked it too.
We were proving that blue and yellow really do make green.

Here's what we did:

We took three glasses of water, and added blue or yellow food dye as shown.   We added a paper towel to the glasses on the ends, draping it into the glass in the middle.

After just a few minutes you could see the blue and yellow water getting absorbed into the paper towel and transferring to the middle glass.

Eventually the middle glass turned green proving that blue and yellow make green.

The kids had fun checking on it throughout the day,and we left it up for several days to see if the properties of absorption would make all three glasses turn green.  We evened out the water levels to make absorption of each glass equal, but the colors didn't change.  Oh, well, it was still fun.   Another time we might try the celery capillary action experiment, or the color changing carnation experiment.

What fun science experiments have you done with your kids?

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