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Monday, April 22, 2013

Spy Training

Here's a fun indoor activity for the kids.  It would be great for those winter months or rainy days.  We actually did this last summer on a too hot to play outside day.

I called it Spy Training:

I used yarn and painters tape.

In our upstairs hallway, I wrapped the yarn around the banister and taped it to the walls and doors to make a maze for the kids to go through.  We pretended it was a laser beam and they couldn't touch it.  If they did, they had to start over.   I started simple with just two strands of yarn.  I didn't want to frustrate my son who will get upset and quit playing if things don't go his way, meaning if he doesn't win.  Autism makes everyday things challenging but I try to find a way to make things fun for everyone.

They easily got the hang of it and I added more and more yarn to make it challenging.
 You could even do this as part of a Ninja or Spy themed birthday party.

Even the Babes wanted to join in.

It was a lot of fun to do and watch.  Although if you have flat paint on your walls, be careful.  Even with using painters tape, it took the paint off my walls in two very noticeable spots.

What fun indoor activities have been a success with your kids?

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