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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The other day while at the library, I browsed the CD section in the kids area.  They had children's songs and some books on CD.  I don't think I've ever checked out a CD from the library before but saw the Pinkalicious CD and just had to get it.  

Sweetie Pie loves pink, pink and more pink.  Pinkalicious is one of her favorite books.  We even used the book jacket as art in her bedroom HERE.

We listened to the songs and loved them all.  Well, OK, one or two didn't follow the book exactly but I think they had to put them in there to make it appealing to boys and to wrap up the story.   Although I was disappointed it didn't end the same way as the book.  The CD is based on the musical.  I also didn't know there was a Pinkalicious the Musical.   I checked for a showing near us and there isn't one within a 2 hour drive.  So we probably won't get to see it.  However after listening to the songs, my daughter and I could almost picture how the musical would be.  A few days later, she had some friends over and they danced and acted out the songs.

If you have a girl who loves pink, be sure to introduce her to Pinkalicious the book and the CD.
I wasn't paid or perked to write this.  Just like the book and CD and felt like sharing.

What great products/books do your kids like?

On a side note:
I thought my neighbor had some tall weeds growing next to his house.

Turns out they were flowers.

What a cute way to avoid having to trim along the edge of the house.

Last week was warm, this week is a little cooler but it's finally spring!

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