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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My mother is more than a mom, she's also my children's grandma.   So for Mother's Day, I also like to give her something that recognizes her role as Grandma.

Initially I wanted to make something similar to one of these which can be found here, here and here.

But it wasn't turning out right

I preferred the darker background but wasn't sure how to print on colored paper without having my picture look weird, and I could have used up a bunch of printer ink to make the background dark and the letters white but I was running low on ink and didn't want to chance it.  Plus I just couldn't get the kids' names and dates to be spaced as nicely as the ones you could buy on Etsy.

So I scrapped that idea and went with this one at the last minute:

I got the inspiration from this:

Instead of using the flower, I used the picture of my kids.  After all, I did make them dress in coordinating outfits and bribe them with ice cream to pose for me.  I wasn't going to let my efforts go to waste.

It was simple to make.  I don't have a vinyl cutter so I just used what I did  have - my computer.  I printed out the saying and picture using Word and mod-podged it onto a piece of wood.  I cut the wood to about 4x8 inches and spray painted the sides and back black.   I didn't spray paint the front since the paper would be glued onto it.

After everything was assembled and dry, I sanded the edges so the paper would be flush with the wood.

I did have to edit the photo.  See if you can tell what was removed from the original image.

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