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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Name Print

I made this cute family name print about two weeks ago and finally got around to hanging it up last week.

I got my inspiration, or should I say 'pinspiration' from HERE.

Using an ugly, old, fake wood, plastic frame- I gave it new life by spray painting it with Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

 While the paint was drying, I created the print in a Word document.  I held up the glass from the frame to determine the size of the lettering.   

Here it is all put together.  I knew I wanted to hang it in my bedroom which is why I chose that mustard-ish color for the "R".  But before I could hang it up, I wanted to install some shelves.

I'm still working on the arrangement of the things on the shelves.

Although now I feel like the room is more balanced with something on each side of the window.

The framed quotes to the left of the window - I printed those out using Word also.  Again getting my ideas from Pinterest.  When I saw these two inspirational quotes, I knew they would be great in our master bedroom.  I imagined looking at them when I woke up each morning and getting energized for the day, rather than dreading some of the mundane stay at home mom tasks.

The first quote is by Gordon B. Hinckley (president/prophet to the LDS church from 1995-2008), and the second quote is by his wife, Marjorie Pay Hinckley.  I also thought it was fitting that quotes from a husband and wife should be in our master bedroom.

images found here and here

I printed out the quotes onto some white card stock and stuck them in a frame I already had.

 I like how the family name print balances out all the white in the framed quotes on the left side of the window.  What do you think?

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