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Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome to Summer 2013

Just like I did last year, I had a Welcome to Summer party for the kids when they got home from their last day of school which was Thursday.

The Babes helped me fill the doorway with balloons.

We had music blasting, "School's Out for Summer", the American Idol version, found on youtube HERE.

I was going to have some water activities such as a slip and slide and water guns, but it wasn't hot enough plus it was raining.  I had left the bucket full of water guns outside and the Spencinator and the Babes got into them as soon as he got home.

I love this picture of the Babes waiting for her big sister to get off the bus.

One at a time, the kids burst through the balloons to enter the house and start the party.

They each got a little gift to celebrate completing 4th and 2nd grade.

We had a quick lunch including these treats, before heading out to have some fun at the local bounce house.

On Friday, I let the kids have a free day.  They were free to do whatever they wanted.  They mostly watched movies and played video games.   That gave me time to organize and put away all of their school papers.  Today, we start our summer time routine which means chores and mom's summer school, including some fun field trips.

So how do you celebrate the last day of school?

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