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Monday, July 22, 2013

Air Fort

Saw THIS idea on Pinterest for making an Air Fort for the kids to play in.  My kids like to make forts so I thought this was a fun twist on the traditional fort making idea.

So many things on Pinterest look fun and we've been trying out several things this summer.
I thought this one would have been a big hit, and it was at first.  The fun however, was short lived for this activity because the space was small and the girls didn't have much room to do anything in there.  This would be better for one kid so they'd have plenty of room to move around.

I used painters tape and taped a queen sized flat sheet to the floor.  I only taped up the two sides and one end.  I made sure to leave plenty of extra fabric in the middle, I didn't tape it taunt so that the air could lift up the sheet and the kids could fit inside.  Here you can see that my queen sized sheet looks more like a twin sized sheet because of the extra fabric I bunched up in the middle.

Then I put a little floor fan at the untaped end and turned it on.
This created some wind which caused the extra fabric in the middle to rise.

I didn't close off the end with the fan because I wanted to watch the kids and make sure they didn't touch the fan, especially since the Babes was in there.

Anyone else having a Pintastic summer?

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