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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Another idea we saw on Pinterest and tried to make was FOAM DOUGH.
This was easy since there are only two ingredients:  Corn Starch and Shaving Cream.

The kids like to play with Play-doh, but I don't like the mess.  Tiny bits of Play-doh usually get left on the floor or migrate to their clothes and inevitably around the entire house.  Even when I try to contain it to the kitchen, I still find bits and pieces in other areas of the house.  I've tried banishing this activity to the outdoors, but then you can't play in the winter.  So I thought I'd try this version which seemed like it would be easier to clean up if any of found its way around the house.

I made a small batch just to try it out and it was a hit.  Next time I'll be sure to make a bigger batch.
First I filled a large bowl with some cornstarch.
Then I added some shaving cream and let the kids mix.

It felt smooth and velvety.  It was easy to mold and smelled good.
You could add food coloring but I prefer to keep it dye free to keep it more mess free.
Clean up was easy too, just wipe it off the counters and wash your hands.

This foam dough was fun, but what looks like even more fun is kinetic sand.  I heard about it from Play At Home Mom, click HERE to see what she has to say about it.  This sand "is a magical and mesmerizing experience, giving a moment of relaxation for both young and old." - according to the product description on Plus it moves.  How cool is that?!  Click HERE to order some through my store.

We are having a Pintastic summer.  To see what else we've tried thanks to Pinterest check out these posts HERE, HERE and HERE.

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