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Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th 2013

I"m back to share what we did on the 4th.

These 3 crazy kids and I went on a boat ride and watched the fireworks.  

First, we walked around the park a while, stopping to watch a mama duck and her 7 little ducklings.

While we waited for the boat, we enjoyed some ice cream.  The big kids got cookies and cream while the Babes and I had chocolate marshmallow.  When someone asked the Babes what kind of ice cream she had, she said "marshmallow chocolate, it was cooooold".  That girl is so cute.

The 1/2 hour boat ride took us through a tunnel where we saw the different types of rocks and the drill marks that were made back in the 1800's when the tunnel was dug out.

The fireworks started while we were still on the boat.  It was neat to see their reflection in the water.
When the boat ride was over, we continued to watch the fireworks but that didn't last too long.  The Babes didn't like how loud they were and the Spencinator just wanted to go home.

So I was that crazy lady pulling out of the grass parking lot trying not to hit everyone else who was still sitting there watching the fireworks.  We made it out safely and even saw a few other firework displays on our way home, from the quiet comfort of our car.

And you'd think getting home just after 10pm would help the kids go right to bed.  Nope.
And it didn't help them sleep in either.

So what did you do for the 4th?

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