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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vintage Bridal Shower

My sister is getting married!   Earlier this month we had a surprise bridal shower for her.  It was held at one of her friend's houses and it was beautiful.  The decorations, food and home decor were stunning.  It truly was like something out of a magazine.  It was the most beautiful bridal shower (or any party for that matter) that I've ever been too.

The house is a historic home with antique charm.  Every room was tastefully decorated with antiques and vintage collections.  The bridal shower decorations were simple and fun.  Using cookie cutters, our host cut out the dress shapes and strung them up with blue ribbon around the fireplaces and other areas of the house.

Doesn't this dining room look like something you'd find out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine?

There was so much delicious looking and tasting food.  My sister likes to play Scrabble, so there were Cheez-It Scrabble crackers.  I didn't even know Cheez-It made those, did you?
So much thought and attention to detail was put into this party.  Dip was served inside a pumpkin that had the couple's initials on it, and the day's menu was listed on the chalkboard pan above the silverware tray.

Of course there were desserts, so many to choose from, I must admit I tried a bit of everything.  The bride and groom cupcake toppers were a cute touch.    

Outside was a dress made out of chicken wire.  The wire was spray painted white and formed into a dress shape, held together with more wire.  White and blue ribbon were used to create a sash around the waist along with some fresh flowers.
One we knew she was close, we all waited on the front porch to welcome her.  There were these huge plants in front of the house.  My daughter thought they were cool so I took her picture next to them so you could gauge the size of those leaves.  I've never seen ones that big.  Sweetie Pie thinks we should get some for our house.

Once inside, the bride to be did some mingling and we all did lots and lots of eating before getting down to the business of opening presents.  There were lots and lots of presents to be opened, mostly household things she had registered for.  The two pictured below I thought were a nice personal touch and something you couldn't really put on a registry list.  So if you are in need of a bridal shower or wedding gift idea, consider a personalized hanger or framing the wedding invitation.
There was also a box where the guests could write some words of wisdom for the future married couple.  The party favors were simple as well.  Lavender sachets with a note of thanks on one side and this cute saying on the other, "Organic Lavender - For sachets or in teas, use as you please."

This was a very elegant bridal shower pulled together by some amazing ladies.
The entire house was beautiful and I have lots more pictures.  I'll probably do a house tour in a later post.  And of course I'll post about the wedding.  The venue for that also has antique charm and a vintage feel.

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