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Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Girl-ify a Bike (customize a bike with vinyl)

Sweetie Pie turned 9 on Sunday.  Per her request, she had an American Girl themed birthday party on Saturday (I'll post about that later).

As for her present from us, she got a new bike.  Confession:  I was so focused on party preparations, I didn't think about a gift.  Luckily my husband had been wanting to get her a new bike since her current one is getting a tad small.  OK, so the bike wasn't new, but it was new to us.  And since we bought it off craigslist (our go to source for high quality low money bikes), we didn't have a choice in color.  It came in navy blue.  But Sweetie Pie loves pink, pink and more pink (to quote Pinkalicious).  Thanks to a friend who has a silhouette machine, we girl-ified her bike using some pink vinyl.   Check out the before and afters:

We did wonder if we were adding too much, but then remembered who the bike is for.  This is Sweetie Pie we are talking about, and you can never add too many flowers or make it too pink for her.

And the verdict......
She loves it!

Vinyl is a great way to customize just about anything.  What non-craft related things have you used vinyl on?

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