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Friday, October 18, 2013

Kid-Proof Your Phone

Kristine is doing a little guest post for me today.  She has some great ideas about how to kid-proof your cell phones.  I don't like to give my kids my cell phone because of the damage they could do to it, not to mention they could loose it.  I've heard of several instances about phones getting dropped in the toilet and how people try to recover them by putting it in rice.  I haven't had to deal with that but anyone who has would love the idea of getting a waterproof case.  Plus that would be a great way to take your phone to the pool or beach.  Check out Kristine's advice below:


Best ways to kid-proof your phone

Anyone who has kids knows they will at some point want to play with your cell phone. And the moment you hand your phone over to one of your kids, you know the potential for damage to your phone is high (rarely, do they ever sit calmly and play “Angry Birds”).  I can't even begin to explain all the places I have found my phone after handing it over to my daughter to play; the most notable, the dog's water bowl. Through my experiences, here are some easy ways to kid-proof your phone.

First and foremost, you should make sure to have broad cell phone protection. This way whether your child drops your phone and cracks the screen, or it slips out of your hand into a puddle, you aren't stuck paying full price for a replacement. There are several different cell phone protection plans available, but the one I have is from ProtectCELL. You never think you need coverage for your phone, until you need it. By having good coverage, you won’t wind up spending hundreds to replace your phone in case anything happens.

Next, make sure you are logged out of any apps that can make purchases, such as Google Play, and they are also password protected. This way, they cannot make any accidental purchases. Also, think about using an app like ToddlerLock that keeps kids only within one app. If your child is a little older, consider an app like ChildLock. While Toddler Lock is for very young children and keeps them in one program, Child Lock provides a limited app launch screen that can be customized by parents. Most importantly, your kids can't get to anything else except what is on their launch screen.

Finally, consider getting a cell phone case that can provide real protection. The Survivor Case by Griffin Technology offers some of the best cell phone cases on the market. The Survivor Case is water proof, can take a six-foot drop, and is dust and dirt proof.

There are plenty of ways to kid-proof your cell phone. Hopefully these suggestions get you started!

Thanks Kristine for the helpful tips.  And even if you don't have kids, this is still good advice because lets face it, kids aren't the only ones who drop phones.



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