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Friday, November 22, 2013

$1 Harry Potter costume

Going into a store, you would think it's almost Christmas.  Christmas decorations and gifts have been in the store for over a month and there is even a station on the radio here in PA that has started playing Christmas music 24/7.  And yes, I have started my Christmas shopping and while I love the holiday, I also love Thanksgiving and don't want to skip over that.  But lets back up even more and do one last Halloween post.

The Spencinator had a fun "Fall Festival" in school, it was held the day after Halloween, November 1st.  I think it was just a chance for the kids to dress up and have some treats.  Other parents used this as a time to celebrate Halloween too and made Halloween themed treats like these pumpkin rice krispie treats...

...and some dip served in a Frankenstein pumpkin complete with bolts and all.

The kids were asked to dress up as their favorite book character or historical figure.  
Even the teacher dressed up, blue hair and all:

The Spencinator chose to dress as Harry Potter since he's been reading those books lately.  So here's our $1 Harry Potter costume.

He wore a white shirt and tie, we borrowed the scarf from our neighbor, I used eyeliner to make the scar and we got the glasses from the dollar store.

As you can see, the glasses originally started out as part of a clown costume.  They came with really thick lenses to make things look funny and a red nose.  We just popped out the lenses and didn't use the nose.  Actually the Babes ripped the nose in half, good thing we didn't need it.  And that's how we turned some dollar store clown glasses into Harry Potter glasses.  This was an easy, cheap and fun costume to make.

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