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Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Christmas ornaments

This is a repost from two years ago, but I figured a lot of people didn't read my blog back then so it's probably new to you.

The other day I posted about some simple pipe cleaner candy cane ornaments so I thought I'd do a little round up of some other DIY ornaments I've seen floating around on Pinterest that look fun and easy to make.  Key words being "easy to make".

These ornaments say no-mess (a plus in my book), and I love the bright aqua blue being used as a non traditional Christmas color:

I couldn't find the original source for this photo but I imagine it involves hot gluing cinnamon sticks around candle votives. I think they are SO pretty and must smell delicious!

These modern paper ornaments are so simple.  I love the addition of the grommet to hold the strips together.  You could easily change the color scheme of your tree with these.  And again, the aqua blue color.  Love it paired with a deep red.

Just look at these darling felt ornaments.  Hmm, I'm starting to think I have a thing for aqua and red.

 Another no mess glitter ornament.  The trick is that the glitter is on the inside.  I love it!  

What DIY Christmas decorations have you made?  Or if you are like me, what do you want to make?

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