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Monday, December 9, 2013

Huge 3D Snowflakes

We've decorated for Christmas and something new we made this year were these huge 3D snowflakes:

So far we've only made one but I'd like to make another one and hang it from the other side of this overhang.

And when I say, we made it, I really mean that Sweetie Pie made it.  I found the idea from Pinterest and she followed the tutorial HERE.

If a large snowflake isn't your thing, here's a link to all kinds of smaller snowflake designs:
More ideas found HERE

One of more popular posts last week were the Star Wars snowflakes we made last year.
The Star Wars snowflakes we made last year can be seen HERE and instructions found HERE.

I like making decorations, it's a fun activity to do with the kids.  Plus I usually throw them away after the holidays so it doesn't add any more clutter to my bins full of holiday decor.  I'm really trying to keep all my Christmas decorations contained to 3 bins.  

What holiday decorations have you made?

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