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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowball Shooters

Here's a quick and easy activity for the kids.

3 easy steps to make your own Snowball Shooter:

1.  Take a paper or Styrofoam cup and cut off the bottom.

2.  Place a balloon over the bottom.  Cutting off the top of the balloon makes it easier to fit over the opening of the cup.

3.  Add a cotton ball

Just pull back the balloon and watch the snow go flying.

I got the idea from Crystal Underwood over at Growing a Jeweled Rose.  You can check out her much cuter version HERE.

I didn't make my cups look like snowmen, and I didn't glue the balloon into place and it works just fine.
Sometimes the simplest toys are the most entertaining. 

If you want a bigger kid version of this, check out how ALL FOR THE BOYS made her snowball launcher HERE.

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