Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter.  We packed in some fun on Friday and Saturday and then had a quiet and relaxing day on Sunday.  Well, as quiet and relaxed as you can get with 3 kids.
Here's a recap of what we did:

 For the egg hunt, I tried something different this year and it worked great.  Since the kids are of differing egg finding abilities (ie. different ages), I hid only certain colors of eggs and told each child to find a particular color.  The Babes loves blue so I hid blue eggs for her.  And by hid, I mean mostly just throwing them on the grass.  Sweetie Pie got to find all the pink and purple eggs, while the Spencinator searched for the yellow and orange eggs.  I hid his the hardest and he was outside the longest trying to find them all.  I hid 15 eggs for each kid so we could count to make sure they found them all.

Egg Dyeing at Grandma's house has become one of our Easter traditions. The Babes wanted to do it all by herself and we were surprised by how well she did.  TIP:  To make it as mess free as possible and to make clean up a breeze, use a disposable plastic tablecloth on the table to contain the mess.

Saturday morning we stopped by a local church which advertised an egg hunt and other fun activities.
Sweetie Pie was the only one brave enough to ride the horse.  The girls got their faces painted and got to pet an alpaca and baby chicks.  Then there were the egg hunts done according to age.  While the older kids ran around trying to get as many eggs into their bags as they could, the Babes had to open each egg and check out the candy before putting it into her bag.  Oh, and we had to use plastic bags, because I forgot to bring their easter baskets.  I can't remember everything, I was happy to have all 3 kids ready and there on time.  Luckily the church handed each child a plastic bag with some fliers and coupons in it so we just used that.

Easter Sunday

I couldn't resist dressing the Babes up in this pretty dress complete with hat and gloves.  Good thing I took pictures before we went to church since the hat and gloves didn't last long.  She wouldn't wear them into the church.

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