Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rainbow Loom Charms

As I mentioned in my Easter recap post HERE, I made some rainbow loom charms for my older kids.

Sweetie Pie got a peace sign and the Spencinator got a Creeper from Minecraft.

For the Minecraft Creeper charm, I followed THIS tutorial from youtube.
It was pretty simple, however at the very end, one of my bands fell off as I was trying to loop it over, so I had to start over.  My second attempt went by much faster.

For the peace sign, I just followed THIS tutorial I found on youtube.
It says to use the harder bands, but I used the regular type that we have and it turned out fine.  I did make one little mistake at the bottom, a loop fell off.  But since it didn't cause the whole thing to fall apart, I didn't bother starting over.  At this point I was going for done rather than perfect.

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