Friday, April 4, 2014

Nail Polish Trend?

The Babes' favorite color is blue.  It has been her favorite color for over a year now.  So it should come as no surprise that when I asked her what color she wanted to paint her nails, she chose blue.  

However she didn't want just blue.  She wanted half of her nails painted blue and the other half pink.  And by half, she means one side.  So her right hand (and foot because she wanted them to match) was painted blue an her left hand and foot were painted pink.  It's not the first time she's requested such a nail treatment.  In the winter months she preferred blue and red.  I guess she's breaking out a new look for spring.  Could this be the latest nail polish trend for 2014?  

Her little spa treatment didn't stop there.  I also decided to give her a hair cut.  I am an untrained amateur at this hair cutting thing, but it's not that hard to cut a straight line, right?  The Babes was really good and stayed really still which made my job easier.  However she doesn't stay still all day and with all the moving around she does, you'll never notice that one side might be slightly longer than the other.  I'm afraid to fix it because I'll probably do more harm than good.  And you can't even tell.  She loves her shorter hair do too!

Anyone else's girls like their nails painted this way?
Anyone else cut their own kid's hair?  I'll do straight cuts, but I've messed up too many times with the Spencinator's hair so if it's not a buzz cut, I've been forbidden to cut his hair again.

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