Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Growing and Cutting Hair

Last month at our church's Activity Days program, Sweetie Pie planted some grass seeds.  They planted their seeds in a cup decorated to look like a character.  It only took a few days before they started sprouting (sorry I forgot to take a picture of that), and after 7 days the grass 'hair' was really filling in.  By day 10, her grass haired person was in need of a haircut.

And speaking of hair, last week I cut the Babes' hair.  You may remember the last hair cut I gave her, I blogged about it HERE.  We had been growing her bangs out for a while and since she never wants her hair pulled back or fixed anyway, I decided to cut it short.  She said she wanted it short.  She pointed to my hair saying she wanted it short like mine, but I didn't go that short.  Overall, it didn't turn out too bad.  Not quite as straight and even as Sweetie Pie's grass hair cut.  I'll admit, one section is shorter than the others but I'm not bothered enough to fix it.  And if I did fix it, I'd probably make it worse.  So here's a before and after of her:

Well, the story doesn't end there.  The other day, I forgot I had given her some scissor and paper to cut - - and she decided to cut herself some bangs.  Since you can't see it very well in this picture, I've added the red arrows to show where she cut.  The green arrow shows the original length.  It's not that noticeable so I'm not going to try to fix it. It just adds a few more layers.

So what have I learned from this hairy experience?

1.  Sweetie Pie can cut hair better than me.
2.  Don't forget to put scissors away after we're done using them.

Anyone else have any 'hair-raising' experiences?  I just couldn't resist one more pun.

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