Monday, June 23, 2014

No Sew Leggings to Shorts

It's no secret, I like to save money.  So if I can get more use out of my kids' clothes, well, sign me up.  I saw THIS idea for turning leggings into shorts and had just the right pair to try it out on.  

The leggings were actually a pair of size 7' capris that were Sweetie Pie's.  They had a hole at the knee and some grass stains on them.  I knew they'd be too tight and too short for Sweetie Pie to wear, so I tried them on The Babes.  She's only 3, but knit leggings are so forgiving they fit.

I followed these easy peasy steps to create some new shorts for The Babes, that just happened to coordinate with the shirt she was wearing.

After trying the leggings on The Babes, I decided where I wanted to cut so they'd be long shorts for her.  I didn't measure or anything, just "eye-balled" it.

Knit can be stretched and it rolls up on its own so there is no need to hem it. 

As you can see, she just loves her new shorts.

If you're looking for other ways to get the most wear out of little girls clothes, check out my guest post over at Mail4Rosey HERE.  Below is a recap.

1.  Dresses
Sleeveless dresses can be paired with short or long sleeve shirts underneath so you can wear them year round.  But what to do when they become too short?  Don't give them away just yet.  The dress can become a tunic or long shirt just by pairing it with some leggings, shorts or pants.  
2.  Leggings
These type of pants can also be worn year round, and work great under skirts or dresses too.  Just because your little girl grows like a weed doesn't mean she has outgrown her leggings.  They can be worn as capris for the spring, summer and fall.
3.  Pants
What to do when pants/jeans become a bit too short.  Rather than buy a new pair, we can make these last a few more months (at least until yard sale season) by adding some lace at the bottom.  All I did was sew it on using my sewing machine.  If your daughter is more of a tom boy, you could do fabric such as flannel or ribbon instead of lace.

Do you have any tricks for making kids' clothes last longer?  

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