Monday, July 28, 2014

Upgrade Your Knobs

Sometimes it's the little upgrades that give a house more personality. 

We have these white bi-fold doors in our laundry room with white knobs on them.  It was rather plain, so I thought I'd add some personality to the knobs.  

First I bought some decorative knobs that matched the wall color and added some contrast to the doors.  They were on clearance too so I thought what a cheap and easy DIY project this would be.

Of course that didn't work out.  The base of the knobs weren't large enough to cover up the previously hidden door area from the old knobs and the screw wasn't long enough to fit through the door.  You can see what I mean in the pictures below.

Next, I thought I'd try to paint some stripes on the existing white knobs.  I had some leftover paint that was the same green as the walls.  
But that didn't look good at all.

So I thought I'd try to add some brown since I liked the darker look to contrast against the white.  
Again, fail.

I'd check out the knob section every time I went to Hobby Lobby or Lowes or Home Depot (which wasn't very often) but finally found something that would work.  The screw was long enough and even though the base of the knob wasn't quite wide enough, I didn't care.  I love the rich oil rubbed bronze color and the contrast it adds.  



I also like how the knobs tie into the rug, light fixture and the hooks I added to the hall tree in the adjoining foyer.  

To find out more about the hall tree hook project (which wasn't an easy switch either) you can click HERE.


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