Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Towel That Matches Makes Me Happy

I mentioned the other day that it's the little things that make a house a home and give it 'your' personality.
Our powder room was basic builder white flat paint.  About two years ago I started painting it.  Yes two years ago this project was started and it's still not finished.  I did some other things to it to like change out the faucet, mirror and towel ring, but the big change was the color.  I didn't know what color to paint it, I was thinking of some sort of grey or beige/tan.  I found a can of oops paint real cheap and figured the color would work so I got it.  

I've never been in love with the color until recently when I found some towels that matched it perfectly.  You see that little goldish brown stripe, it's the same exact color as the wall.

And the towels don't just match the wall color, they also match the rug color perfectly.  You know how I like things to match.

Not only does the herringbone design look cute, but they tie in the wall and rug colors, making the room look more 'pulled together'.  See what I mean.

These are actually kitchen towels or dish towels I picked up at Walmart, but I think they go perfectly in my powder room.  Plus having them in there makes me not want to repaint the whole room.   One of these days we'll get to finishing this powder room and I'll do the whole reveal.  Anyone else have a room that's taking forever to finish?  Or a room where one accessory really ties it all together?


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