Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Nursery in the Master

Our fourth child is due in five weeks!  I'm sure he'll come earlier as he's measuring big.  He'll probably be my biggest baby and that makes me a bit nervous.  The last ultrasound indicated that he's 6 pounds 9 ounces and that was at 34 weeks.  My other three babies weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces up to 7 pounds 9 ounces and they were born between 38 and 39 weeks.  I'm planning to have this baby early and need to make sure I have things all ready for him. 

First up was making room for the cradle and baby clothes.  We like to keep our babies in our bedroom when they are newborns so they are close by and I don't have to walk that far for the middle of the night feedings.  Since having the nursery in our master bedroom is only a temporary situation, I didn't want to buy any new furniture, I kept things simple and just used what we had.

What we had was a handmade cradle and some plastic storage crates.  I brought this stuff up from the basement, cleaned off the dust and set it up in our sitting room.  Our sitting room is basically a hallway from our bedroom to our bathroom.  To the right is the opening to our bedroom and to the left are doors to the closet and our bathroom.  The wall on the opposite side has a large cabinet that houses my scrapbooking supplies.  Previously on this wall was a bookcase that I moved to one of the kids rooms so this blank wall became the new nursery.  The crates on the right side house all the 0-3 month baby clothes bibs and burp rags.  The bin under the cradle has sheets, blankets and towels.  The white bin on the left will hold diapers.  I hope to fit a rocking chair on the opposite wall.  As for a diaper changing area, that will probably be on the floor in the middle of the night and on our bed when no one is sleeping in it.

We'll also have a pack and play in our living room that has a bassinet and changing table feature on it so that will come in handy.   That is my next thing to set up.  I love washing baby clothes and organizing all their tiny things.  Can't wait to meet our little guy.  In the mean time, I've got both the girls' birthday parties to plan.  

How do you get ready for a new baby?  Do you set up a nursery in your bedroom?  


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