Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Practical Baby Shower

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.  I know I did.  I certainly enjoyed getting to sleep in.  Getting up at 6am to get my middle schooler off to the bus stop by 6:40am has been rough.  Boy oh boy has it been rough.  Last school year I'd get up at 6:30 to get ready before waking the kids up at 7, but getting up a half hour earlier has me dragging the rest of the day.  

I couldn't resist adding this picture of me at about 32 weeks.  
You can find my inspiration HERE on Pinterest.

OK, back to what this post is really about....

On Saturday, I thought I was going to a Labor Day cookout at my parent's house.  There was some reason, my mom explained, why they were having it on Saturday and not on Labor Day Monday.  It made sense to me and I didn't suspect a thing.  Turns out, it wasn't a Labor Day cookout, it was a baby shower for me!  

What a wonderfully unexpected surprise.  I didn't expect a shower at all.  This is my fourth time going through this, but because of the age gap in kids, I had gotten rid of most all my baby stuff.  My mom and I had been getting things at yard sales like clothes but there are some things you need to buy new.  So it was super nice to have a shower where I received all the practical stuff I'd need, as well as a few more cute outfits.  If you're looking for some practical baby shower gift ideas, be sure to keep reading.

Here's the sun room and dining room all decorated in blue and green.
In the picture above, the frame between the two bears has the shower invitation.  My mom loves to rhyme her invitations whether it's for our birthdays or family reunions.  This one was no exception.  
Here's what it said:

Christa is having her fourth, a boy
She is over filled with excitement and joy!
It is getting closer to the date she is due.
So we are having a 'sprinkle' of blue.
Since finding out she has been to yard sales
in search of greens and blues for young males.
Practical items are what she will need.
We hope to keep this a surprise indeed.
Please join us on Saturday, August 30th at 1:00
As we celebrate Christa's addition over lunch and fun!

And of course there were delicious desserts like the "It's a BOY" cupcakes and a cake.  

But before we dived into dessert, it was present time!
I received so many nice things.  My friends and family are so thoughtful and generous.  It was great to get some baby necessities as well as some more adorable clothes.  I feel readier than ever to have this baby.  

Practical Baby Gifts:
* Bath products: lotions and shampoos
* Diapering products:  diapers, wipes, rash cream
* Nursing products:  nursing pads and lanolin cream
* Baby toys and books:  yes, you can find these at yard sales but it's nice to have new ones that haven't been chewed up or slobbered on by other kids
*  Plain white onesie undershirts:  sometimes this item is overlooked when buying clothes
* Gift certificates and cash:  always a great choice to help cover the cost of diapers or to get some other needed item that wasn't gifted
*  Hygiene items:  hand sanitizer, baby syringe bulb, pacifiers....

Before the party was over the guests got to take home one of these really cute favors.  They are so simple yet so clever.  It's lotions and body wash bottles with tags that say:

"Thank you for coming!
From Christa's shower
To Your shower"

 Me and my girls.  I love how the Babes hugs my belly.  We're all excited for this baby to come.  Only 6 weeks to go (hopefully less)!


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