Monday, September 29, 2014

A Sweet Treats Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Sweetie Pie's 10th Birthday with a Sweet Treats themed birthday party.  She requested an ice cream themed party, but I had trouble coming up with enough ice cream themed games, so I expanded it to include candy.  I don't think she minded at all.

I found the ideas from Pinterest.  You can check out my birthday idea board for inspiration HERE.

We made ice cream invitations and had ice cream decorations:

For party favors we had ice cream cones with cotton candy on top:

Once the girls arrived, we had them guess how many M&M's were in a jar (the winner got to take the jar home) and play with Sandzini until everyone was here.  I've included the amazon link, but I bought my at Michael's on clearance for $1.79!

They loved playing with the Sandzini and could have done that for hours.  Here is one of their creations:

Next up were the games.  I had detailed instructions of how to set up the game, how to play and where to play (just in case I was in the hospital having a baby during this party).  


The first game was called Taste The Rainbow.

We gave each girl a straw and a plastic cup with her name on it.  The cups were placed on the kitchen island. There was a bag of skittles poured onto a baking sheet on a little table in the playroom (which is next to the kitchen).   On the start of go all the players must rush to suck a skittle onto their straw and race it over to blow it into their cup. They can never touch the candy with their hands. Play time is three minutes and whoever has the most skittles wins a prize.

Next up was a silly game called M&M mouth.
The girls sat in a circle and passed around a bag of M&M's.  Without looking the first girl reaches in and pulls out two M&M’s. If the colors match they can eat them.  If they do not match, they have to put them in their mouth and hold them there until their turn comes around again. They will have another chance to choose matching candies. Again if they do not match then they must be stuffed in the mouth, but not eaten.  Every player continues to play in this manner, making sure not to chew or swallow any of their candy until they draw matches. There is really no point to this game except the comical amusement that comes with watching others mouths become fuller and fuller with candy they cannot eat.  The girls didn't want to end this game.

Then they played Gumdrop Mountain.

I had a mountain of flour on a cookie sheet and placed a gumdrop at the top.  The object of the game is to take turns removing a spoonful of flour until the gumdrop falls.  I didn't have any consequence for the 'loser', it was just a fun game to play.

Build a Sundae  was our next game.
The idea behind this is similar to pin the tail on the donkey, but the girls made a sundae.  I cut ice cream shapes out of card stock and taped the paper cone to the bottom of my sliding glass doors.  Each girl was blindfolded and had to add a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream and finally the cherry to build a sundae.   Sorry these pictures are dark, the light coming in from the door made it hard to take a picture, but you get the idea.

 Then it was time for a very fun and tasty game:  Roll a Sundae
I gave each girl a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a bowl.  They took turns rolling the die.  Each number corresponded to a topping they needed to add, or to switch bowls.  After a few minutes, you had to eat what was in front of you.  Of course I let the girls add whatever toppings they wanted after the game ended and it was time to eat their creations.   

The last game was another silly one:  Chocolate Bar Race
Each girl got a Hershey candy bar still in its wrapper. When I said 'go' the first girl to eat the chocolate bar was the winner.  The catch is you have to do it without using your hands.  This was hilarious.

 As if that wasn't enough food, we also had cupcakes.  I baked them in ice cream cones.  

However, I learned that you should cook them and eat them in the same day.  I made mine the day before and covered them overnight.  The next morning I found that the cones had softened up causing them to warp and fall over.  But of course the kids didn't mind.  We stuck them in bowls with what else, more ice cream.  

Happy 10th Birthday!

OK, so now I'm all done with the September birthdays.  Unless of course I have this baby today or tomorrow.  As of last Tuesday, my Dr. says I could deliver any day now.  I hope so because this boy feels huge!  

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