Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Minecraft Birthday Party

The week before Christmas, my oldest son turned 12.  He's into all things Minecraft so it came as no surprise that he wanted a Minecraft birthday party.  

This party was pretty easy to do since I didn't have to plan any games.  They'd just be playing Minecraft when they weren't eating or opening presents.     

My son wanted a Minecraft cake.  Not a cake that looked like a creeper or other Minecraft object, but a cake that looks like the cake in the game.  I did my best and he loved it.  I  baked a spice cake in two square cake pans and used cream cheese icing for the middle and top.  To create the red squares on top, I used wax paper with square cut outs as a stencil.  I had to let the icing harden so the wax paper wouldn't stick to it.  Then I used some red food spray (the same kind I used for the Babe's ladybug birthday party) to spray on the squares.

We also had dirt with grass on top.  Basically this was a rice krispie treat with green icing on top.  I used both chocolate and regular rice krispies (generic brand works fine too) to make the rice krispie treats.

Pretzel sticks made great torches and red and black Twizzlers were arranged to create TNT.

Being so close to Christmas when we had this party, I had a hard time finding green party supplies.  I used a green tablecloth, black napkins and clear cups (I really wanted green, but as you can see it still worked out, I made little creeper faces on them and labeled them with the kids' names)

For the drinks we had water and lemonade dyed to match the colors of various potions in Minecraft. My son was insistent that I get the coloring right so he had the potion on the screen as I added the food coloring.  I also did a creeper pizza, but that didn't turn out so well.  I had my husband buy the pizza and forgot to tell him to get plain cheese so he got meat lovers instead.  I did try to make a creeper face with the ham pieces but it would have looked better if it was a plain cheese pizza and the creeper face was made out of pepperoni cut into squares.  Oh well, no one minded.

As for the party favors, I found green treat bags and butter mints in green wrappers.  I used a black Sharpie to create a creeper face on them.  I added some other non Minecraft things into the treat bags too.

Some of the gifts were Minecraft themed as well.  He got this "Periodic Table of Minecraft" shirt, and the Minecraft canvases that I made for his new Minecraft themed room.  (Tutorial of the canvases and a room reveal coming soon).

And of course the kids had fun playing Minecraft. 

He also got this hand crafted Minecraft stocking from my sister in law, not for his birthday but for Christmas.  I thought that was so clever.

All in all, it was a fun party and very low key for me which was great.

Has anyone else done a Minecraft party?
What other Minecraft themed presents have you given or received?

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